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Uplift your business with high speed, reliable connectivity. MPLS VPN (Layer 3) is built on the IP carrier network and adopts multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) method to realize secure data communication such as internal data, voice, image and video between a company's branch institutions located in different places, which enables the point-to-point and point-to-multipoint internal dedicated network communication for customers.

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Application of Our Multiprotocol Label Switching

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a versatile solution that enhances network performance and scalability. Here are some key applications of our MPLS service:

Enhanced Business Operations

MPLS can streamline business operations by providing reliable, high-speed connectivity across multiple locations. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with a geographically dispersed workforce.

Cloud Connectivity

Our MPLS is an excellent solution for businesses using cloud-based services. It provides fast, secure, and reliable connectivity to cloud platforms, ensuring optimal performance of cloud applications.

Network Traffic Management

Our MPLS allows for effective management of network traffic. It enables network engineers to dictate traffic routes in the network, prioritising critical services and ensuring efficient use of network resources.

Disaster Recovery

MPLS can play a crucial role in disaster recovery plans. By rerouting traffic in the event of a network outage, our MPLS can ensure business continuity and minimise downtime.

Delivery of Multimedia Content

Our MPLS is well-suited for the delivery of multimedia content, such as video conferencing and VoIP services. It provides the quality of service (QoS) capabilities necessary to handle such data-intensive applications.

Benefits of China Unicom’s MPLS Connectivity

Global-China Interconnection

With abundant China local resources and global coverage, our MPLS network connects customer's sites within China and the rest of the world

Private and Premium

A private network separated from the internet isolates different customer data and provides high safety and security.

High Availability & Reliability

The dual-plane structured MPLS network ensures high redundancy in data transmission. The coordinated model of ISIS, LSP and BFD provides a stable network of low latency and jitter.

Prioritized Data Flow Guaranteed

5-levelled and 3-levelled QoS to differentiate customer data of different importance to guarantee prioritised data flow

Flexible Multipoint Topology

Best suit for multipoint interconnection with no need for point-to-point connections of each site. Supports point-to-point, star, full mesh, and hybrid networking. Network structure can be easily modified and sites can be added or removed with ease

Future Cloud Access

MPLS service allows future cloud connection with global cloud providers by upgrading to the Cloudbond product.

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Network & Resources

Our Points of Presence (PoPs) extend across more than 30 countries and regions, providing a robust and reliable network infrastructure.

With 20+ Terrestrial Cable Systems and 40+ Submarine Cable Systems, we ensure seamless connectivity for your business operations.

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