IEPL/IPLC Dedicated Point-To-Point Network

Uplift your business with high speed, reliable connectivity

Uplift your business with high-speed, reliable connectivity. With the growing use of bandwidth-intensive applications, it has become critical for businesses to have reliable and high-speed networking solutions. China Unicom’s reliable and secured dedicated p2p network is an enhanced end-to-end managed bandwidth service that provides you with point-to-multipoint internal dedicated network (P2MP) international connectivity linking your head office, branch sites and data centres. Our IPLC service offers speed options ranging from 2Mbps to 100Gbps all over the world.

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How does An IEPL/IPLC Dedicated P2P Network Work?

If you need dedicated and high-bandwidth connections, with low latency, high speed and high availability, such as our point-to-multipoint internal dedicated network (P2MP) then an IEPL service is perfect for your business.

Using Ethernet technology, such a network will give you a direct, secure and private connection between two locations.

Not only does an IEPL service provide a reliable, private connection, but a dedicated point-to-point network will benefit your business largely. One of the most important benefits is speed. A point-to-point network takes your data along the most direct route possible making it the fastest option for data transfer along with this, upload and download speeds are guaranteed and you don’t have to worry about bandwidth because the connection is private and dedicated to your business.

What Is An IPLC Service In The Telecoms Industry?

An International Ethernet Private Lease (IEPL) also known as an international private leased circuit (IPLC) is a dedicated point-to-point network. An IPLC is a private line used by a business to communicate between offices that are dispersed throughout the world. Our dedicated P2P network is designed to help worldwide businesses maintain their reputation and high levels of customer service by ensuring a fast and reliable connection between offices, regardless of the distance between them.

Why China Unicom for Point to Point Networks

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Why Choose China Unicom For A Point-To-Multipoint Internal Dedicated Network (P2MP)?

Global Capability

China Unicom has over 130 Points of Presence covering 80 countries and regions all over the world. 50+ submarine cables link up to 50 countries covering multiple regions. Our global capabilities make China Unicom a fantastic company to choose to provide your dedicated p2p network and IEPL services.

Trustworthy Reliability

China Unicom has a fully redundant network with a high-performance SLA. We have outstanding service assurance with 24/7 network monitoring and support, meaning that we are ready to help you whenever you need us.

High Security

We can provide a full dedicated bandwidth with options from 2mbps to 100 Gbps for your business, making integration faster and accelerating business goals.

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