Wholesale Connectivity for Energy Industry

In the smart era, there is an intricate ecosystem comprised of technologies such as cloud, IoT, data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation, smart terminals and augmented reality.

Technology is not only a tool to improve efficiency, but also the cornerstone of a successful business strategy and future revenue growth for the energy industry.

Internet distribution systems examples

China Unicom Europe helps energy companies to distribute internet systems intelligently in the following ways:


China Unicom Cloud products enable energy companies to operate their IT system on a reliable and redundant platform with disastrous recovery to reduce CAPEX expenditure, lower the dependence on the local technical team to flexibly adjust the IT capacity and agilely implement new projects to quickly adapt to dynamic market changes and satisfy customer expectations.

Mobile informatization

China Unicom’s mobile technology could help enterprises to extend their IT system to mobile devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, high-resolution screens, anti-corrosion and anti-explosion terminals. On top of this, by implementing terminal management software we could help our customer’s users work everywhere and more securely.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

China Unicom IoT technology could help our customers to detect and gather data with digital sensors to visualize production, optimize the procedure, continuously monitor and improve product quality and reduce factory operation costs.

Big data

China Unicom Big data technology will help our customers to simulate the production environment, consolidate data, visualize assets’ conditions, analyze user behaviour patterns, forecast future target market demand to allocate precise resources in advance and maximize the interests of energy enterprises.

Benefits of China Unicom’s wholesale internet connectivity services for energy industry

Global Connectivity Resources

China Unicom offers a vast network of terrestrial and submarine cables, ensuring reliable and extensive global connectivity for the energy industry.

Asia Pacific Network Resources

With abundant data centre resources, especially in the Asia Pacific region, China Unicom provides a robust infrastructure for energy industry needs.

EMEA Expert Service Team

The EMEA region benefits from a dedicated local service team with expertise in providing solutions tailored to the energy industry's specific requirements.

Compliance Consulting Services

China Unicom offers valuable local compliance consulting services, helping energy companies navigate regulations and ensure legal adherence.

System Integration Solutions

China Unicom's advanced and flexible system integration solutions streamline operations and optimise performance for the energy sector.

Asia Pacific Network Resources

Experience one-stop delivery service, simplifying procurement and implementation, saving time and effort for the energy industry.

Relevant wholesale connectivity products for energy industry

Internet Services

Cloud Solutions

ICT Integrated Services

Consultancy Services

Other Industries We Focus On

We are not only experts in providing wholesale connectivity for the energy industry, but also in other industries that require innovative and reliable solutions. Some of the other industries we focus on are:

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