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Ultra Low Latency Network

Ultra Low Latency Network-Every millisecond matters

China Unicom’s Ultra-Low Latency Network provides customers with the fastest connectivity into key Financial venues worldwide.

The network is built on high-speed fibre using the smallest number of converters and devices to improve reliability and reduce latency. It is a fully transparent point-to-point private line service with a strict bandwidth guarantee and dedicated customer bandwidth. Replying on China Unicom’s extensive global network we provide our financial customers with a dedicated network of low latency and high reliability to cover 17 major financial hubs in Mainland China, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the USA

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Product Features

Global Coverage

Focusing on the connectivity between global financial exchanges in Europe, Asia and America.

Existing presence in major exchanges in China

Existing presence with diverse routes in Shanghai Dalian, etc for prompt delivery.

High Reliability

Providing Protected Service with High Network Availability.

High Security

Physical isolation between customers and exclusive bandwidth of high security.

Strict SLA Commitment

Service Level Agreement covering End-to-End latency, Service Availability, Mean-time-to-Repair (MTTR), Delivery Lead time.

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