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Private Leased Line

International Express Line

Focusing on the hotspot cities of mainland China and the overseas, China Unicom International Express line is designed to provide a private leased line with a fast quotation, express delivery and competitive price for these cities.

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Product Benefits

Global Coverage

Offers 2M-1G bandwidth for a wide range of hotspot cities of mainland China and overseas


Competitive end-to-end promotional price

Excellent user experience

Fast quotation and express delivery with special “green channel” service

High Network Reliability

Provides highly protected services to ensure high availability of the customers' network

High Security

Provides end-to-end network management. Physical isolation between customers and exclusive bandwidth with high security is provided

Excellent Network Performance

Provides stable latency and very low jitter

Applicable Scenario: Customers seeking private leased lines with fast delivery.

Notes: the promotional price for this product is subject to China Unicom’s discretion and may vary from time to time. Please contact your account manager for details.

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